Volkswagen's 1962 Microbus Gets an Electric, Designer, and Slick Revamp

Volkswagen's 1962 Microbus Gets an Electric, Designer, and Slick Revamp

Retro style and future technology have rarely looked as good as in Volkswagen's new and updated Microbus, named the Type 20.


The 1962 Type 2 11 window Microbus has had an exciting makeover.

It now boasts a 10 kilowatt-hour battery, a 2,500-watt onboard charger, and an electric motor rated at 120 hp and 173 lb-ft of torque.

It's quite the electrical update.

What new additions have been added to the iconic Microbus?

No futuristic car would be complete without a Conversational Digital Assistant, now would it? This bus has three zones from within the vehicle for directional microphones to pick up any command or request.

On top of that, it all operates with a natural-language agent, meaning everyday language can be used when speaking to the AI-driven Assistant.

To make matters ultra cool, the vehicle's voice recognition system works from outdoors, giving a show of lights once it picks up the command.

In keeping with its futuristic update, a real-time facial recognition system has been installed on the driver's side second window.

As the Type 20 was designed in collaboration with Porsche, Porsche has designed an active pneumatic suspension system, enabling it to rise to facilitate the entry of the driver.

"As we roll out the next generation of electric and autonomous vehicles, innovation will increasingly define who we are," said Scott Keogh, the president and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America.

What does it look like now?

If all the tech gizmos and gadgets weren't enough to pique your interest, although we highly doubt that, the look of the new Microbus will certainly grab your attention.

Instead of an analog speedometer, the Volkswagen team have replaced it with a touchscreen infotainment system behind the wheel. It's in the center of the dashboard and sports a hologram of the logo - just to look swanky.

The interior decor is cool grey and zingy orange, to keep with the retro 60s style. The Microbus has a bright orange electric-fiber-like steering wheel, rearview mirrors, parts of the wheels and the posts holding up the sofa-like benches in the back of the vehicle. These parts resemble a funky and modern colorful spider's web.

The concept of Type 20 was created in celebration of the 20 years of work of Volkswagen's Silicon Valley-based Electronics Research Laboratory, now renamed Innovation and Engineering Center California (IECC).

Nikolai Reimer, IECC senior vice-president, said: "The Type 20 is a fantastic example of how we celebrate our heritage while striving to advance our technology."

Truer words have rarely been spoken.

We'll have to wait until 2022 until the Type 20 is released onto the roads.

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